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“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware”-Martin Buber

Even since I was little I dreamt of travels. This dream continues to this day. Every occasion for travelling and visiting faraway destinations is one step closer for my dreams to come true. All the opportunities for getting to know new places, new people and their cultures is beyond precious. It is also taking yourself to a journey of getting to know your real self. Moments and memories embedded in photographs may became the bearers of fragrances you came across, feel of the wind tossing your hear around your cheeks and audio records of a distant faraway place you once went to see.

Roaring of an airplane taking off makes me more and more happy every single time, and a look from above usually gives me the chills. Wasn’t any different now. Believe me,it was an adventure being on this beautiful Greek island in the middle of winter. Wind howling, and those two sweaters I had weren’t enough,not even close. Anyway, I have enjoyed. Those narrow streets of old town were empty,all the windows closed and no people. Like,no people at all. I thought we were all alone. Houses, all painted in white, with wooden doors and windows  in light shades of blue or eventually,red or green,all looked the same. We managed to lost our way  a million times over. As if someone span the entire island every half an hour :). Old town of Mykonos is charming as one can be,it really  is… But the landscapes,the beaches, rocks,all of the countryside left me speechless. They say it is pretty crowded during the summer . Couldn’t imagine that. It must be out of this world!

Hopefully I will return to Mykonos , maybe for a couples photosession…Yeah,that would be great 😉

For all the world travellers and gorgeous destinations!


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