Mountain elopement | Dunja&BojanMount Zlatibor,Serbia

We are so in love with this amazing mountain elopement. Dunja and Bojan are such a casual couple and great people. They love different things,they live their lives in such a way it makes us enjoy.

Here is a story of their love we managed to capture. Just a fragments of something much bigger. Just snippets of what’s going to come…Pictures of what there is yet to be…I’ve known Dunja for whole my life. As a matter of fact we practically grew up together. These memories we made this day are also precious to me.  It was just a couple of days before that they have had their big,crowdy,official wedding party. And after that, they decided to spend a couple of days on a mountain. An escape. To enjoy and relax a bit. There was nothing better than spending time with two amazing people that are so passionate about eachother,and hopefully we have managed to keep that passion in these photos.

Dunja asked us if we would join them for a day and make some photos while they are being in this beautiful place. Mountain elopement is, I guess, a photographers dream. It was,and still is, one of mine. Mount Zlatibor scenery is amazing. Meadows that spread as far as your eyes are able to see,skies with some clouds flying over…and a couple of cows 🙂 Pretty sweet…

And the time went by so fast. It was getting dark, but still, we weren’t stopping. That’s how much we’ve enjoyed this beautiful couples love…

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