Pre-wedding love storySerbia castle pre-wedding session | J&DjCastle pre-wedding session, Fantast castle, Bečej

Everything about this castle prewedding session reminds us of old movies, because the emotions these beautiful guys gave us as a gift left us thinking of all that’s good in life. The light gave us the power to shape that love of theirs into images to be cherished forever. The rooms and spaces of an Fantast castle near Becej are magnificent.Tall seelings,large windows with massive curtains gave a special something, rememberance of old days and old ways.

Jovana and Djordje are dear friends. Very happy people. They spread the happiness all around them. That’s so wonderful to see nowadays. Given to that, we felt happy too. We made some beautiful pictures as an evidence we can show to the world. Such a beautiful castle prewedding. Like in fairytales.

The day was beautiful, inspite the heavy rain that followed us while driving to the castle. Clouds were all over the place and it got really dark. Luckily,as soon as we got there,to our location and saw beautiful smiling faces of our soon to be newlyweds, the Sun came back through. What more could you wish for,right? Fantast castle, located in the very heart of district of Vojvodina, is a marvelous place. Wonderful people working and living in the castle treated us with great care. There is so many space, meadows with all the beautiful horses, two dogs barking at them all the time, forest, greenery of all kinds. The horizon that doesn’t seem to have an end and furthermore their special love that has no end.

Nothing gives us more joy than meeting new people in life. Because everything goes by in a moment. Therefore these moments are cherrished and we keep them in our minds and hearts. Forever grateful to the universe that connects us in real time. Connects us on all levels, mindlike human beings who get to make memories unforgettable.


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